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A. LIBERATORE, P.C.’s business lawyers handle the litigation and resolution of legal matters and disputes throughout Los Angeles, the State of California and other States for local and national clients. We get down to business so you can get back to yours.
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Business Attorney in Los Angeles

The business of business is business. Businesses should focus resources on income generating activities and avoid costly litigation. However, in the real world, other businesses overreach, cross the line, and unfortunately cause harm. If an outside business competitor crosses the line or another company simply does not live up to its contractual promises, or if there is an internal element within your company, we can help address suitable and appropriate ways to correct the harm.
A. LIBERATORE, P.C. has extensive experience representing large publicly traded companies, mid-size businesses with annual revenues between $20 to $50 million, and many small "mom and pop" shops, including high net worth individuals along the way. Each attorney in our office understands that when contemplating litigation, the numbers must make sense. Our attorneys analyze the pros and cons of particular litigation strategies with your reasoned business objectives in mind.
Our firm is efficient and avoids much of the pomp and circumstance that causes other firm's clients to pay astronomical hourly attorney fee rates. Our rates are beyond competitive and geared so that all businesses, large or small, can afford counsel. We understand and appreciate that litigation can be an expensive line item on the balance sheet and that some businesses do not have an annual budget dedicated to legal services.
For our multi-state clients, we offer Local Counsel services. Our firm has privileges to practice law in New York and Connecticut, as well as throughout the courts in California. We also have long standing relationships with several prominent New York, New Jersey, Florida and Texas law firms. We have the resources to handle your matters throughout California and abroad and can be the contact point if you have a relationship with a firm that is not authorized to practice in California.
One of the greatest compliments that we receive is that our past and current clients continue to refer their colleagues and business associates to our office when they have a problem. Some of our clients have been clients for over a decade and we continue to be their first contact when a situation arises.
When it is time, please allow us the opportunity to help you and your business. And remember, at A. LIBERATORE, P.C., we get down to business so that you can get back to yours

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