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Good business practices dictate that all agreements should be reduced to writing. This does not always happen. There are usually (but not always) good reasons why the terms of the parties' agreement is not reduced to writing, i.e. a handshake sealed the deal, the circumstances of the parties' relationship and past dealings, and exigencies of the situation, as well as any other real life factors that exist. Not to worry. The law in California respects all contracts whether or not they are written, oral or confirmed by the conduct of the parties. There are some restrictions to the court's power to enforce contracts. By limited example, certain real estate transactions and contracts that exceed a certain term must be reduced to writing. Also, the courts will not enforce unlawful contracts.
If you or your business have a contract that is not being honored or respected, please feel free to contact our office for a consultation. A. LIBERATORE, P.C. is experienced in litigating all types of contract disputes and we look forward to being of assistance.