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Errors and
These types of claims usually arise within the scope of a professional relationship. For example, a common type of errors and omissions claim is one of insurance broker negligence. Consider the following scenario. A conscientious homeowner wishes to have an insurance audit of coverage, and goes to a local broker to make sure there is sufficient insurance coverage for the customer's home, automobiles and personal property. The broker, in the course of the dialogue may "hold out" and make direct representations about the brokers expertise or the broker may offer to review and analyze the customer's assets and liabilities to ensure sufficient insurance coverage to protect personal wealth. As one would suspect given the context of this example, the insurance coverage turns out to be insufficient when a third party makes a claim on the policy and the insured's personal assets are left exposed. This is the exact situation that the prudent homeowner was trying to avoid.
Sometimes the brokers have done everything that they are supposed to do and the insurance company, the contracting party that is actually obligated to defend and indemnify the insured against all covered claims, may be the party that is not living up to the bargain. Other times there are additional factors operating behind the scenes that need to be brought to light to learn just exactly what happened in the underlying transaction.
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