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A. LIBERATORE, P.C.’s business lawyers handle the litigation and resolution of legal matters and disputes throughout Los Angeles, the State of California and other States for local and national clients. We get down to business so you can get back to yours.
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Business Litigation Lawyer in Los Angeles

In general, litigation is the commitment of resources to resolve a dispute through court process.  Court process also includes dispute resolution through arbitration or binding mediation (relatively new concept).  Arbitration/ binding mediation is where a person (retired Judge, experienced attorney, or other neutral) is selected or appointed to decide the dispute without a Jury.
No matter whether through court or arbitration, once started, the parties to the suit work to obtain, produce, and analyze evidence for presentation to the decision maker (Judge, Jury, or Arbitrator).  The decision maker states its findings in writing after all parties have presented their case.  The findings will either be in favor of or against the person who brought the action (the plaintiff or claimant).  If the matter is decided in favor of the plaintiff, once the finding is perfected, the plaintiff is allowed to receive/obtain the relief requested when the action was started.  If the outcome favors the defense, the plaintiff takes nothing and can even owe litigation costs to the prevailing party.
A. LIBERATORE, P.C. has extensive experience litigating a wide variety of business law matters on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants in court and arbitration. We have represented local, national, and/or international clients involved in the following manufacturing and service sector industries: heavy equipment, dental and medical, roofing and waterproofing, construction, entertainment, events production, film production, film financing, intellectual property, aviation, chemical, petroleum, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering, textiles, furniture, artistic design and production, legal, insurance, jewelry, internet, among other areas.
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