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A. LIBERATORE, P.C.’s business lawyers handle the litigation and resolution of legal matters and disputes throughout Los Angeles, the State of California and other States for local and national clients. We get down to business so you can get back to yours.
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Property Damage Attorney in Los Angeles

Home = castle. We understand. If you have been or are denied the use and enjoyment of your home because of fire or flood or some other hazard, we can assist. Our intellectual property lawyer in Los Angeles provides pre-litigation and litigation counsel on matters involving property damage to residential and commercial properties, trees, chattels and other types of property or possessions. Whether damage is caused by negligent or willful conduct, we can assist.
Usually, the amount of recovery for property damage may be established by evidence of replacement value, cost of repairs, loss of use until repaired or replaced, or by subjective testimony as to sentimental value.
In other circumstances, repair costs can be recoverable even if they exceed the market value of the property. We explore all feasible options to ascertain the full amount of damages that will provide reasonable and fair compensation.
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